Welcome to Soundstudio 24


We offer a mixture of rare, vintage audio equipment and the latest state of the art recording technology. All the vibe and flavor of yesterday with the speed and accuracy of the digital age. We are specialized in Mastering and mixing of your recording, transfering Vinyl Records into Digital Recordings including Remastering and cleaning up.


We provide professional audio solutions to artists, producers and companies of the European market and abroad. 
With an excellent knowledge of the recording industry, totally globalized in the last few years, Soundstudio 24 provides services that seems essential now to professional recording studios.

A new service of us is the Digital Distribution Channel
Hereby we wil distribute your music over a hugh list of Online Music channels in one go, like Youtube, ITunes, GoogleMusic, etc etc.


See also our section regarding PricesSpecial offer:
Mastering/Mixing of max 4 recordings; delivery on CD, with cover, CHF 599,- (max. 1 studio day) *Until end of 01.02.2017*
This can of course be extended with pressing of 500 + CD's with cover, booklet etc etc.
Special for starters; 1 recording mixing/mastering pressed on CD, CHF 49,-
All files needs to be delivered as WAV file (tracks needs to have the same starting point) 24/32 bit, 44.100KHz